Robot Nation

In Development

Roto Works

Robot Nation is a short film that I have been developing for the last year. The story involves a humanoid robot named Gemini who searches junkyards and hardware stores for pieces in order to put back together her fellow robot Natasha. Gemini lives in a world that is beaten and broken from a war for freedom.

Troy, the main antagonist, is a man who roams the streets searching for meaning in his life, saddened by the death of humanity and searching for a way to rise from humanities grave. He follows the cries of the prophet, a scavenged robot stranded in the junkyard who sings his pains away. Gemini carries Natasha’s electronic brain in her backpack through the same treacherous junkyard.

This story was born from my love of science fiction and stories about reaching for something greater than yourself. It initially started as the story of a woman with a backpack searching for something like I search for stories to tell. Then I unraveled the mysteries of what was in her bag and what her search was for. This is a short film I would like to shoot next year. The images you see are concept art created by Stephen Wang specifically for the film. Please stay tuned for updates as I develop this project.

Thank you in advance!

Jason Pierre



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