Existential Donut

In Production

Synopsis: Existential Donut is a short film about a man whose life is stuck in an infinite loop of work and sleep. He befriends a talking donut searching for it’s hole. The two of them traverse the city looking for the Master Baker who will give the donut his hole back and provide the answers Gary needs to escape his mundane life.



Day 1: First Location: The Sprinkler scene. This is where Gary comes to gain wisdom about his existential journey


Day 1: Second Location: Where we shot Gary going through his daily routine of buying donuts and purchasing the one that comes to life and turns his world upside down.


Day 2: Third Location: After gaining wisdom from the Sprinkler, Gary and the donut come to a cross roads. Will he continue living his same old life or will he finish his quest and get answers from the Master Baker?


Day 2: Fourth Location: Gary examines humanities mistakes to the point where he’s lost a sense of self. You’d start talking to a donut if that was your life too.


Day 3: Final Location: Meeting the Master Baker








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